You kind of just get what we’re all about the first time you see the exterior of our flagship store in Hudson, NY.

 Founders, Robert Dobay and Christopher Draghi  photo:   Allie Leepson

Founders, Robert Dobay and Christopher Draghi

photo: Allie Leepson


Hudson based fragrance brand, source adage, launched in 2015 with the opening of their striking, 1830’s Greek Revival store. Founded by creative directors, Christopher Draghi and Robert Dobay, the duo designs and produces premium olfactory compositions inspired by American geographical regions for both the home and the body. 

In an ever expanding niche fragrance market finding makers crowding in the middle, Christopher and Robert aimed high. From their home base inspired, HUDSON 314 ambient fragrance to the island spice and volcanic smoke of Hawaiian inspired aka’ula eau de parfum, their creations are as distinct as the regions that inspire them. 

source adage has come on to the scene with not only superior products, but with an ambitious mission; take aim at the best on the market from around the world with an authentic, American luxury product. The attention to detail in the packaging, the sophisticated scent compositions and ingredient quality, as well as the stylishly curated flagship store, puts them well on track to achieve their ambitions.