LEONOR Special Edition Scented Candle

LEONOR Special Edition Scented Candle


LEONOR Scented Candle:

  • All-natural, 10.2oz, scented candle made from soy wax and bee's wax with a pure cotton wick.
  • All candles are in the signature "adage" vessel made of hand-pressed black glass with "sea glass" hand-finish.
  • 75hr approximate burn rate
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Introducing a Special Edition fragrance created in collaboration with The Gilded Owl.

An enigmatic scent of cedar wood, sensual musk and dark incense with dusty rose and wild lavender.

Born from the creative collaboration of Andy Goldsborough and Elizabeth Moore, The Gilded Owl is a unique living gallery in Hudson, NY showcasing designers and artists of exemplary authenticity and ingenuity in fine art and design. The Leonor fragrance is inspired by one such artist, Leonor Fini - one of the most intriguing, if not misunderstood, artists of the 20th century. Her independent spirit and uncompromising pursuit of creativity established her place in the collective imagination and her celebrity status in the Paris art world - and beyond. The Leonor fragrance conjures images of a dark and sensual savage garden, a view from the outside in to the spiritual landscape of the beguiling artist