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314 Warren Street
Hudson, NY, 12534


source adage is a Hudson, NY based fragrance brand. Our collections of premium home and personal fragrances are inspired by aspirational destinations and majestic landscapes. Each scent that we create is as distinct as the land that inspired them.



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Midnight in the Garden of the Good South

Christopher Draghi

Audubon Park, New Orleans

"Our SOUTHERN STATES fragrance is more of a 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil' meets Anne Rice South."

There is so much to love and to be seduced by in the South. And yes, orange blossoms and magnolias are part of that, but, from the onset, our vision of this fragrance was something much more mysterious. More seductive and decidedly masculine. 

The gentile South that, with all of its many charms and smiles, has a darker, sinister side. Take a walk down a side street in the French Quarter of New Orleans and you can't help but sense it. Voodoo and black magic shops. Those that tour groups aren't ushered in to. A foggy night strolling square to square in Savannah underneath the twisted, outstretching arms of the oaks and Spanish moss netting providing an eerie canopy. It's beyond suggestive. Poetic. Darkly romantic. You almost expect to step out the other side of Monterey Square in to another era completely. 

This is the spirit (and there are spirits abound in these locations!) that we aimed to capture in our SOUTHERN STATES fragrance with its intense smokey notes from birch tar, the alcoholic sweetness of bourbon with leather and musk notes that transport you to a southern parlor around midnight.

 "A social gathering in the evening where attention converges on an extrovert in the parlor; dandy in extravagance. An imbibed darker tone commandeers the senses as night falls." 

'Tis the Season

Christopher Draghi

With the change of the season and longer nights, "warmer" scents are the most sought after. Smoke, wood, spice, leather and tobacco notes all offer a cozy, warm feeling. Nostalgically, they transport us to a comfortable place and time where you can imagine being curled up on a favorite leather arm chair, with glass of red wine at hand and a fire lit in the fireplace . . . Just the right escape from the cold outside.


source adage NYC has three scents that are particularly suited for the winter season:

NORTH ATLANTIC is a lush fragrance with a distinct smokey quality, rounded out by tobacco, leather and cedar wood notes, balanced with the sweetness of clover honey and caramelized tree sap. This is a quintessential autumn/winter fragrance that conjures up images of a hillside cabin in New England where chimney smoke fills the air at dusk.

SOUTHERN STATES, although not an obvious choice of region for winter, has its own smoky quality from birch tar essential oil among its ingredients. Birch tar and raw hide notes add earthy hues to balance out the dark fruit notes of matured apricot and Kentucky bourbon. You can imagine this fragrance as an intoxicating backdrop to an already imbibed social gathering in Savannah or New Orleans on New Year’s eve.

HUDSON 314 is our newest addition to the fragrance collection and has become a big hit since its introduction this autumn. The round, complex fragrance takes its name from our address at 314 Warren Street in Hudson, NY and its inspiration from the surrounding landscapes of the Hudson River Valley. Mature orchard fruit - pear and apple - and wildflowers offer warm and vibrant notes anchored by cedar wood and oak. A lingering musk completes the fragrance as an ode to Hudson's storied past.

All of our fragrances are available as Scented Candles and Reed Diffusers in our signature, hand-pressed black glass vessel or as 3.4oz Room Sprays.