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314 Warren Street
Hudson, NY, 12534


source adage is a Hudson, NY based fragrance brand. Our collections of premium home and personal fragrances are inspired by aspirational destinations and majestic landscapes. Each scent that we create is as distinct as the land that inspired them.



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Revisiting the California coast

Christopher Draghi

Mendocino coast

You never see the same place in the same way twice. That is the magic of traveling and bringing new experiences to places that, inevitably, leave their own indelible mark on your journey. If it's a place of both drama and serenity, such as California's central and northern coast, then that mark is surely drawn with strokes of giddiness and awe, alike. 

Each trail, panorama, and road shows you something new. You visit at a new time of day, the light has a different hue, and everything changes. That twisted and gnarly cypress, alone against the brunt of ocean gusts, seems a little more defiant than you remember. The sauvignon blanc-like aroma released by eucalyptus acorns, scents your drive along the coast before turning inland towards the musky, primordial mountain air infused with fern, fir, and splintered redwood.

And perhaps your purpose this time is not only to travel for travel's sake. You're on a mission to detect and catalog the sites and scents that fill the air so that you can almost taste them on your tongue. Briny marine air mixing with the wild "cowboy cologne" (aka, sage brush), blending with coastal wood notes; eucalyptus, cedar, and cypress. The bitter sweet herbs and tart citrus carried from gardens and orchards stake out their positions. You're on mission to take it all in, making mental notes, with the intention to reinterpret that location into a fragrance . . .

Introducing our new PACIFIC COAST ambient fragrance.

Bodega Head, Sonoma County

After a recent adventure through the Monterey, Sonoma and Mendocino counties, we couldn't help but be inspired to bring something new to our popular PACIFIC COAST ambient fragrance.

The new fragrance builds upon many of the original notes of lime, sagebrush, and marine ozone but in a more pronounced way. The addition of peppery basil, cypress and light coastal forest wood notes add in just the right amount of tension and raw nature to reflect the character of a region that strikes a balance between rugged and refined. Drama and serenity.

As the makers of our fragrances, we have the luxury to revisit our scents, like the regions themselves, with new perspective and experiences. After all, much like a journey itself, complex fragrances reveal new layers, new sensations and memory triggers that are highly personal. That's the magic of scent.